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Banavie was selected by the McLennan Family in 1877. D.N. (Dick) McLennan founded the Banavie stud in 1915. During 1921 D.N. McLennan purchased ewes from Collinsville Stud for 100 guineas per ewe. Through out the history of Banavie virtually all stud rams have been purchased from Collinsville. This included the world record purchase of a ram lamb in the early 1980's for $60,000.

Neil and Beth McLennan continued on from Neil's father for over 60 years, producing large frame sheep with elite qualities, until Neil's death in October 2001.

For years, Banavie has influenced many of the progressive studs and commercial flocks in the industry, having sold rams, ewes and semen to every state in Australia and semen to New Zealand.

The Polkinghorne family are the new owners of Banavie. They also own Charinga Merino Stud (a pure daughter stud of Banavie). They will continue the tradition of their friend and mentor and will service existing and new clients from "Banavie", Donald Road, Marnoo.



Banavie Argy 110222 sold to Argentina for $30 000

Banavie retain Australian marketing rights.  Semen for sale.  Contact us now.

Banavie Argy 110222 semen for sale