170009 "NEIL"

DAM KP 204 - 130314

Test Date               Micron           SD                CV                CF
June 2018                19.5               3.2                 16.4               99.7 %
July 2019                 18.6               2.7                 14.5               100 %

BODY WEIGHT   AUG 2019    132 kg



An exciting young sire with an exceptionally rich and loose skin. With density, softness and growing great length, he has a very special productive skin that is rich, loose and silky soft with a bold deep crimp and incredible alignment .
His lambs at Charinga and Banavie are crackers!!

Charinga Stud Principal Roger Polkinghorne believes that 009 is the best ram he has ever bred in 30 years. This sire has huge wool cutting ability. Named after the late Neil McLennan, principal of  Banavie for many years. His foresight in breeding bold, deep crimping lustrous wools with great density & fine micron was second to none.

He has never missed a beat as far as fertility, always testing 100%.
Previously he has cut a massive 13kg of wool after 7 months growth, when blade shorn after Ram Sale by Charlie Brumpton.
Progeny from this family will be available in big numbers in 2020.