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Gowandale Merino Studs

Jim Aitken established the Gowandale Stud in 1979, based on Banavie genetics. Jim’s passion was for heavy cutting, big sheep with bold crimp. DR Jim Watts was employed with his knowledge of the relationship between skin and wool. Glendon Hancock purchased the stud in 1998 and with the assistance of DR Watts a plainer bodied, long stapled bold deep crimping wool became their focus.

Since  purchasing  the Gowandale Stud in 2006, they have settled in their new home “Grittleton”, 3 500 acres,  adjacent to Charinga. It is a mix of  granite country with 700 acres adjacent to the Avoca river.  

My focus is to breed long stapled, big plain bodied sheep with soft nourished  wool. There has been an infusion of suitable sires from Charinga and several poll sires from both Kamora Park and Glenville Poll studs. Both these studs are renowned for their bone, muscle and bright soft long stapled wool.