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Breeding Charinga Merinos with Balance

Charinga Merino sell stock studs, with both poll and horn genetics, and sell genetics across Australia and Internationally.

The studs continue to be commercially driven, and focus on wool cut and quality while maintaining a large meaty frame.

We continue breeding balanced Merinos (horn & poll) which have the potency to be used in the stud and commercial Merino industry. Maintaining the wool and skin quality with true fibre density, alignment, nourishment and brightness with exceptional wool cut (quality & quantity) while enhancing early maturity, muscling, structure and fertility.

The result is a great Merino with very good wool, frame, fertility and constitution - and most importantly, very profitable - hence the many successes our clients are enjoying in state and national competitions.


Dating back prior to 1900, Charinga is based on 300 + Special Stud ewes described by the late Neil McLennan as the best ewes to leave Banavie. 30 years of my selection, for the best constitutions, run commercially, 28 years of Embryo work using the 20 elite ewes with up to two thirds of donor ewes up to twelve generations of the best of the best focusing on wool quality with true fibre density, alignment, great nourishment and brightness with exceptional wool cut. Sires are carefully selected for fine primary fibres, lustrous, bright, rich wool with great fibre density and alignment.

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